Fees and Insurance Information*


Initial Intake (45 minutes): $175.00

Individual Psychotherapy session (45 minutes): $145.00

Couples and Family Therapy session (45 minutes): $145.00

Telephone contact: calls longer than 5 minutes with existing clients are pro-rated from the hourly therapy rate (and cannot be billed to insurance).

*Please note that fees will vary according to contracts with various insurance companies and third-party payers.  If your therapist is an in-network provider with your insurance, our fees will be adjusted to the insurance company’s allowable amount.  Counseling Associates of Overland Park, LLC, will file claims with your insurance.  However, ultimately the client is responsible for all co-pays, co-insurance, and unpaid charges.

Insurance Information

We are contracted with the following insurance companies and accept in-network benefits when these insurance companies manage your mental health benefits.  We attempt to keep this listing as current as possible, but we recommend that you verify our insurance affiliations when you call for an appointment.  Also, please note that if you have a PPO insurance plan and we are not in-network with that company, your insurance may pay for therapy utilizing your contracted out-of-network benefits (often with a different deductible and co-pay).  Please call your insurance company (using the telephone number on your insurance card) to find out your specific deductible and coinsurance/copay amount, the number of sessions allowed per year, and whether your policy covers the type of service you are seeking.  Mental health coverage typically covers individual psychotherapy, but may or may not cover couples, marital, or family therapy.  We recommend that you know the limits of your insurance coverage.  Although we provide billing services for no additional charge, you are responsible for knowing your benefits and paying for all services that are not covered by your policy.

Aetna [Feuer]

Coventry National Network (not MHNet) [Feuer]

First Health Network [Feuer]

Medicare [Tyndall]